We act

  • Our boats and motors follow the most stringent EU regulations on safety, security and environmental protection.
  • Our fleet is equipped with a remote GPS tracking system. Real-time positioning 24/7.
  • Your safety is our priority. On board you will find all the safety equipments required, and our crews are fully trained to use them.

We protect

  • Every day we fight against marine pollution. We recycle 100% of our plastics, metal and paper, and constantly take part in sea clean-up activities.
  • Our crews are trained to notice, recognize, report and intervene on potential threats to marine life.
  • We reduce CO₂ emissions by keeping our hulls clean and carefully studying the routes we follow

We inspire

  • We’re an equal opportunity employer and our crews signed our ethical code of conduct.
  • Every day we do our best to share and spread our values with all our guests and partners.
  • We passionately inform and encourage our guests to be respectful of the fragile beauty of the region and the sea.